the artist

Pippa Burley is a figurative sculptor living and working in Lewes, East Sussex. Turning professional in 1999, Pippa has established herself as a local artist, and besides showing her work two or three times annually, also runs a life sculpture session at the Sussex County Arts Club in Brighton.

Working in clay, usually from life, Pippa builds her pieces through intense observation, leaving the surface textured, and tactile. Recently she has been exploring work from ‘informed memory’, allowing remembered and interpreted form to immerge through the sculpture. Working in this way the sculpture is more found than conceived, allowing space for accident, and intuition.

Pippa works to Private Commission but also continues to explore private goals of personal expression. Intense, and emotionally vivid, her work ranges from life size, to tiny maquettes, also accomplishing portraits and site specific pieces.

Undertaking most of her own casting, many of the sculptures are created from a one off mould, and cast into Ciment Fondue, a fine dark brown cement developed in the 50’s for a number of purposes, including floors, hearths, and sculpture. Other pieces are bronze resin, fired terracotta surface treated with bronze, or cast bronze.

Pippa is happy to welcome visitors to her Lewes based studio, and can be contacted via email at Thank you for your interest.